June 5, 2016 tim 0Comment

In this brief tutorial I will cover a quick and simple method for mounting folders on your FreeBSD host machine to a jail. I am writing this because I remember having the need to do this for the first time and my google-foo returned a variety of posts with complex and overkill methods.

I wanted to mount my host’s /var/music folder within a jail to setup Subsonic. In the host machines /etc folder exists a fstab file for each jail runing on the system.




# cd /etc/
# ls

So to mount /var/music to my subsonic jail

# nano /etc/fstab.subsonic_org

add this to mount the directory as read-write

/var/music /usr/jails/subsonic.org/var/music nullfs rw 1 1

or for read-only

/var/music /usr/jails/subsonic.org/var/music nullfs ro 0 0

That’s it now the host folder /var/music will be mounted to the jail at startup!