February 10, 2018 tim 0Comment

You learn something new everyday and yesterday I discovered an awesome way to check the weather from a command line using wttr.in that will work with FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, and any system that has cURL installed on it which is also available for windows.

Download cURL for Windows

Most Linux distributions ship with cURL and on FreeBSD it can be installed via pkgng like so

# pkg install -y curl

Now let’s check the weather

# curl wttr.in

Since wttr.in is geographically aware you will not have to specify your location, however if you are behind a VPN or simply want to check the weather for another part of the world you can do so by typing curl wttr.in/your-city.


# curl wttr.in/edgemere

Now that’s how a geek gets his weather!

wttr.in is Apache License 2.0 licensed and the source code is available on GitHub